sunnuntai 21. syyskuuta 2014


Tania Caroliina.
I'm 19 yo girl from Finland. I am only finnish even jag kan tala lite svenska också,  it's normal in Finland 'cause Finland is a bilingual country (finnish and swedish)...
but for me it's more normal because my big Brother is married whit  beautiful finnish-swedish.

I study at work, I'll become a chef.
And if everything is going well, in the spring 2015 I'm real one.
in the evenings I work as a cleaner in a small store...
so I don't really have a lot of time do what ever I want..
but when i have I'm whit my friends, or if I'm Super lazy and tired (like also all the time... I'm.) I love to do NOTHING. Ooh this feeling:  just you, phone/tablet/computer, tv, good food and some  amazing movies.
I also try to keep up my hobby, photography. It was my life before, when I had more time... I miss those days. But you can check out of my photography page in Facebook!

I love beautiful pics, art, and old things!!
Old music, old pics, old style, old retro stuff and decor!!
I'm sure ppl can see that in my house when I move out of my home.
Yeesss, I still live with my family.
'Cause I want a real job and money enough that I can be perfectly on my own.
So, right now, I live whit my mom,dad, our dog aaand my little bother.

People who don't know me think that I am arrogant,(yeah I know, I look like one, and  if I'm concentrate on making something.. I look little angry even I'm not and I hate that ) But for real I'm really sympathetic, caring and loyal friend. Always I want to think first everyone else, then comes me. But yes still, I do stupid things sometimes but I have to say, I don't want nothing bad for anybody

Right now I'm waiting for a christmas, I love that feeling around it.
I love to be with my family...
Can't wait!!

-My birthday is 29.3
-I'm Aries
-blue eyes
-blonde hair
-I love smell of rain
-And fall asleep sounf of rain
-I love animals
-and kids
- I hate: school
-tuna and mushrooms
- I love to travel
-I want to travel..
-too bad...
-I have really good dutch friend in Netherlands
-And many in Crete
-ooh... crete home..
-I want back.
-I dont even know what I'm doing right now whit this text...

- so, before i come back you can check out of my pages:




I love we heart it, there is a story of my life and beautiful pics.